Meet The Subscription Box Determined To Make Your Periods Healthier

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Real talk: Hormonal birth control options often leave us with more questions and concerns than answers and relief. The more we read about them, the more we contemplate ditching the pharmaceuticals altogether and searching for new, natural ways to promote a healthy monthly cycle. After all, a whopping 60 percent of women are prescribed variations of the pill as a solution to period problems, despite the fact that they can inspire new issues as they (sometimes) take care of old ones.

That’s where Food Period comes in. This newly-launched functional food subscription box utilizes the concept of seed syncing, or seed cycling, to provide women with the exact nutrition that their bodies need to regulate the production and elimination of hormones in both stages of the menstrual cycle. The box includes 28 pre-portioned Moon Bites, half for the follicular phase and half for the luteal phase, all of which are made entirely of whole, natural ingredients and focus heavily on key ingredients: seeds.


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That’s right — it’s called “seed syncing” because you literally use the specific nutrition found in certain seeds to help create that balance of estrogen and progesterone inside your body. Seed syncing involves eating specific combinations of four raw seeds — pumpkin, flax, sunflower and sesame — in measured quantities at different stages of the menstrual cycle. This encourages your body to produce and eliminate hormones the way it should.


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The Phase 1 Moon Bites pertain to the follicular phase, containing carefully portioned amounts of flax and pumpkin seeds. These are believed to help alleviate period-related breast pain and menstrual migraines, reduce cramping and detox the body of excess hormones. They come in Organic Chocolate Chip and Organic Vanilla Almond flavors.

The Phase 2 Moon Bites then focus on the luteal phase by using sesame and sunflower seeds. These can help reduce breast pain, cramps and migraines, and may even reinstate your cycle and minimize PMS symptoms.

All Moon Bites are non-GMO and free of soy, dairy, refined sugar, gluten and grains, so they’re safe for most women facing dietary restrictions.


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Food Period Moon Bites can be helpful for any woman who is trying to balance her hormones and improve her period in a natural way (think reduced monthly cramps, a clearer complexion and a better-regulated cycle). They can also support those who are considering going off of hormonal birth control and are concerned about the wacky hormonal swings that follow. What’s more, women who struggle with conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and endometriosis have also found relief when including Moon Bites in their daily nutrition rituals.

With that said, it takes time for changes to occur when you offer your body 100-percent natural solutions. So if you decide to give Moon Bites a try, plan to follow the regimen for at least three months to notice the results you want. Depending on the flavors of Moon Bites you want to try, the monthly subscription box will run you between $71 and $75. No, it’s not cheap, but if you really want to reconnect with the natural balance inside your body, it could be entirely worth it. (Not to mention, all of the flavors sound freaking delicious.)

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