8 Things You Need To Know Before Your First Boxing Class

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If you think you could benefit from both additional workout time and a little therapeutic anger management, then it’s about time you give a boxing class a try. While many buff ladies make the sport look intimidating (and sometimes straight-up impossible), it’s actually one of the best class options for the mind and the body. And it’s taking the fitness world by storm.

Once you pick which gym or studio class you’d like to test out, check out these first-timer tips to make sure you’re not only prepared for a killer workout, but also way more excited than terrified. (Seriously, you’re gonna do great.)

1. BYOHW — bring your own hand wraps.

Yes, you do need to make a slight investment before attending your first boxing class, but hand wraps will likely only run you $5 or so, and they will matter big time once you get moving. You don’t need anything fancy, so try not to get overwhelmed by all of your options. Just grab a trusted (and inexpensive) brand like Everlast and call it a day.

2. Arrive early so you can learn how to put them on.

Show up at your new studio 20-30 minutes before class starts to introduce yourself to the instructor, ask for a quick tutorial in hand-wrapping since it’s your first time and get fitted for a set of boxing gloves. These steps will ensure that your hands have the proper padding when the punching begins. Not to mention, you’ll feel that much more confident as you begin to learn a variety of new kickass moves.

3. Wear leggings that stay put.

Boxing gloves look super cool and everything, but they make clothing adjustments incredibly difficult. So do yourself a favor and wear fitted leggings that do a bang-up job of staying in place around your waist (or hips), or if you prefer shorts, wear a pair with a fresh elastic waistband. We know you don’t want to waste your precious boxing minutes taking your gloves off just to hike up your old gym leggings and start all over again.

4. Be ready to do a lot more than throw punches.

Surprise — boxing class isn’t just about the punches, jabs and uppercuts. Expect to do a fair amount of kicking, as well as cardio work like jumping rope. In fact, the jump rope is a favorite tool for many boxers due to how much it requires quick movement that helps them improve their agility, footwork and hand-foot coordination. So maybe even double knot your shoelaces to prep for all of those jumps, because retying them while wearing boxing gloves is a major pain in the ass.

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5. You’re going to have to push all distracting thoughts aside.

Boxing class will require a particularly high level of focus and concentration as you learn about your proper stance and form for each movement. That means there’s no room for you to be worrying about what the girl next to you looks like or that annoying thing your best friend said to you earlier in the day. Leave all of that mess on the backburner in your mind and lean into the present moment so you can reap every benefit boxing class is offering you.

6. Boxing is only as scary as you let it be.

On a similar note, your first boxing class experience will be heavily impacted by the mindset you carry in the door. If you create an inner dialogue of, “OMG, there’s no way I can do this,” you’ll be in for a lot rougher of a ride than if you show up thinking, “This is going to be awesome. I can’t wait to feel empowered by this new kind of fitness.” At the end of the day, you create your own script, so make a mental note to be mindful of the tone you take with yourself.

7. You’re going to feel like a total badass by the end of class.

No matter how the actual class goes, you will leave with the beautiful glow that comes along with a boost of self-confidence. You will have challenged your brain to learn a new skill (or two), pushed your body to physical limits it’s probably never tested before and likely made a few new friends in the process. Talk about a productive 45 minutes. And there’s no shame in taking a #girlswhobox selfie to commemorate this wonderful moment for yourself. (You know you want to.)

8. You’re going to be pretty damn sore the next day.

After putting your body through the wringer, round after round, you should expect muscle soreness throughout your entire body that surpasses what you typically experience from a run or indoor cycling class. Get ready to feel all the feels in your arms, shoulders, upper back, core and legs, and bask in it, because it’s proof that you worked your ass off and successfully conquered a new goal.