Here’s Why Finnish Lapland Should Be Your Next Arctic Adventures


When you want to truly embrace the winter, visit Lapland, Finland. Every scene from the Finnish northern region looks like a true ice queen fairytale. It’s like living Frozen in real life. So if the cold never bothered you anyway, here’s why you should visit Finnish Lapland.

It’s in the Arctic Circle.

That’s further north than almost all of Norway, Sweden and Iceland.

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The Northern Lights are on full display.

Whether you hike to the middle of the forest or are gazing out from an igloo hotel, the Aurora Borealis shines in Lapland.

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They lights can be spotted 2oo nights of the year.

The best time to see them is between November and April.

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It’s pure wilderness.

Most of the snow-covered land feels completely untouched.

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The ski season is long.

You can hit the slopes from November to May.

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You can warm up in a sauna.

Finnish saunas are crazy hot and the experience can last for hours — certainly long enough to de-thaw from the intense cold.

There are reindeer. Yes, actual reindeer.

Reindeer aren’t just a Christmas tale. In Lapland, you can meet and even pet them.

And sled dogs.

You can ride along with these skilled pups through the snow.

Are you ready for this snowy winter wonderland?

Let’s go!

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