3/14/19 Newsletter: The Filthiest Thing You Own

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Your purse is dirtier than the average toilet seat. According to a study conducted in the United Kingdom, most women place their purses on the floor (like, public bathroom floors) when no hanging hooks are available. So say hello to fecal bacteria! And the inside of your bag isn’t much better, thanks to used tissues, dirty cash and pocket change, and well-handled receipts. So clean out your bag’s clutter on the regular and wipe down everything, including that bottle of hand cream. Yep, it’s super dirty, too. [Swirled]

Life Hack Of The Day: Banana Edition

Peel a banana easier by pinching the bottom first.


If you’re tired of roaming the drugstore aisles for a skincare product tailored to your body, look no further than Beauty by Design. With Beauty by Design, you can get personalized skin care matched to your unique needs by an online esthetician in less than four minutes. Getting the skincare regimen you deserve has never been easier. Get amazing skincare here.

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Career + Finance

We can openly review our fave restaurants online, so why not review our workplaces and colleagues, too? That’s the thought behind Completed, a new review site that allows you to review and rate your company, your boss and your coworkers. Completed also goes one step further than LinkedIn and Glassdoor by letting you discuss the good, the bad and the lazy — the latter being the kind of colleagues that can bring down the team and company culture. [Swirled]

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Our Throwback Playlist Is Playing This On Repeat Today: 

“Cherry Pie” by Warrant Amazon | iTunes

Food + Drink

It’s time to step up your whiskey game beyond a Jack and ginger ale. High West Whiskey’s Campfire blend is a mix of scotch, bourbon and rye, giving the drink a hint of honey and smokiness. And George Dickel #12 is filtered with charcoal and offers a smooth finish with subtle hints of vanilla and maple — it’s great for mixing or sipping on the rocks. Check out our other happy hour faves. [Swirled]

Recipe Of The Day: It’s Pi(e) Day — yay! — and a surprisingly simple pie recipe is the only way to celebrate. Try a Banoffee pie, which begins with a graham cracker crust and is then topped with a layer of luxurious dulce de leche, banana slices and pillowy mounds of whipped cream. Seriously, it’s the sweetest way to enjoy the day. [Sally’s Baking Addiction]

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Heart-pumping, stomach-dropping and terrifying are feelings you want to experience on a roller coaster — here’s where to go to make it happen. Full Throttle at Six Flags Magic Mountain launches out of the gate at 70 miles per hour. Gasp. And Yukon Striker at Canada’s Wonderland in Ontario is a triple threat — it’s the world’s largest, longest and fastest coaster. Just book your trip now because this one opens in May. Need some more thrills? Check out the rest of our fave coasters. [Swirled]

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Editor’s Picks:

Vera Bradley Iconic Miller Travel Bag: Since your purse can get seriously gross, grab one that you can easily throw in the wash. Bonus: There are so many fun patterns to choose from!

Whiskoff Whiskey Glass, Tongs And Chilling Stones Set: Treat yo’ self or gift this set to a whiskey buff. The chilling stones keep your drink cool without diluting the taste of that new whiskey you’re excited to try.

KitchenAid 9-Speed Digital Hand Mixer: A go-to for the fluffiest whipped cream, which is the perfect topping for your Banoffee pie. Whip it, whip it good!

Non-Skid Yoga And Barre Socks, 3-Pack: Get a grip! The non-skid bottoms take your mind off of slippage and let you focus on your meditation.

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