15 International Flights Deals For February For Less Than $500 Roundtrip

february flight deals

Unsplash/Susan Yin

We know you’re just finishing up your holiday plans, but it’s prime time for shopping for February flights. So get your mind out of December just for a second and check out some of the places you could visit around the world for less than $500 roundtrip.

From New York

february flight deals

Unsplash/Ignat Kushanrev

To Lisbon, Portugal: $452

To Budapest, Hungary: $447

To Lima, Peru: $420

To San Jose, Costa Rica: $290

To Aruba, Dutch Caribbean Islands: $318

From Los Angeles

february flight deals

Unsplash/Erwan Hesry

To Punta Cana, Dominican Republic: $401

To London, United Kingdom: $390

To Barcelona, Spain: $443

To Cartagena, Colombia: $316

To Vancouver, Canada: $204

From Chicago

february flight deals

Unsplash/Benjamin Davies

To Mexico City, Mexico: $246

To Bogotá, Colombia: $286

To Cancún, Mexico: $184

To London, United Kingdom: $404

To Copenhagen, Denmark: $338

Don’t see your city? Use these flights as inspiration and take your search to the international airport nearest you.


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