This Is America’s Favorite Holiday Cookie Depending On Where You Live


‘Tis the season to be baking all the cookies! We don’t know about you, but we definitely can’t make it through the holidays without a little indulgence in our favorite sweet treats. And apparently, your favorite style of cookie can vary dramatically based on where you’re from.

According to a recent national cookie survey conducted by the folks at Nutella, the South is all about those iced decorated creations while the West can’t get enough of gingerbread. Check out their fun infographic below and see if your favorite matches what people love in your geographical region.

Nationally, it’s no surprise that Americans as a collective make chocolate chip cookies the most often. They are a true classic after all.

But it’s fun to note that the boys get in on the baking action almost as much as the girls do when the winter months roll around. Cheers to spreading holiday cheer together with sugar, sugar and more sugar.