5 Ziplines That Prove Fall Is Better Flying Through The Treetops


Admiring the autumn foliage from the ground is lovely, but the best way to experience fall colors is in the treetops. The view from above is the way to go. Get your adrenaline fix among brilliant reds, yellows and oranges on these ย zip lines.

1. Berkshire East Canopy Tours, Massachusetts

You’ll be 200 feet in the air, sailing over valleys for almost a half mile on the Berkshire East Valley Jump Tour. The final zips reach speeds of almost 50 miles per hour, so the foliage might turn into more of a beautiful blur.

2. French Broad Adventures, North Carolina

Less than a half an hour from Asheville, French Broad Adventures have ten zip lines with panoramic Blue Ridge Mountain views. Even better, you can hang out in the course’s treehouse to get acclimated to the heights.

3. ArborTrek Canopy Adventures, Vermont

Take your pick of Tarzan or Jane, but you will be leaping and climbing all over the forest on ArborTrek’s Canopy Adventures’ tour. Between the rappelling, rope bridges and stunning natural sights, you might even let out some Tarzan-worthy yells.

4. New York Zipline Adventures, New York

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New York Zipline Adventuresย offers super speedy rides (50 mph). Not far from Albany, the tour is 3 hours long and takes adrenaline-seekers flying over valleys on up to 500-foot lines. On the dual line, you can even race a friend through the trees.

5. Tree Frog Canopy Tours, Ohio

Tree Frog Canopy Tours has 7 zips, 2 bridges and 2 rappels in the Mohican Valley of Ohio. The company also offers sunrise or sunset tours, if you want to add another level of color to the experience.