Newsletter 8/8/18: Facebook’s New Feature Is 🔥

facebook's new feature is

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Facebook rolled out a new feature that could help you… be on Facebook less. The platform announced an activity dashboard that tracks exactly how much time you spend on Facebook or Instagram every day. You can activate the new feature in your Facebook settings tab. [Moneyish]

Life Hack Of The Day: Ice Pack Edition

Freeze a wet sponge in a bag to make a no-drip ice pack.

Power Up

The key to stopping that migraine in its tracks could be in your diet. Obviously depending on the individual, foods like ginger, dark leafy greens, turmeric and some nuts and seeds can act as migraine preventatives, thanks to their anti-inflammatory properties. [Swirled]

If you’re one of those people who can’t seem to cool down, there are a few reasons why. You could be heating up from too much caffeine and spicy food, or maybe your metabolism is just awesome (lucky you). Some prescription medications can also cause you to feel warmer than normal. [Swirled]

Sometimes taking a break from exercise is necessary, but it could impact your blood sugar. Researchers found that after two weeks of reduced exercise, people experienced lower metabolism, insulin resistance and increased body fat. [mindbodygreen]

Get It Done

Before you invest a single dollar, you should know about fiduciaries. A fiduciary is like a financial advisor who acts on your behalf and is ethically bound to do whatever is in your best interest. If you’d rather not handle your investments but would prefer to trust a professional, a fiduciary is the way to go. [Swirled]

Flying cars might not be too far off. Car manufacturer Aston Martin released the concept for a hybrid-electric personal aircraft at the 2018 Farnborough Air Show. The car would be capable of vertical take-off and landing features that would make any space nerd freak. [Business Insider]

Savor Each Bite

There’s so much more to Sriracha than adding it to your ramen. Toss it into your pulled pork sauce or try it in a slaw for a little extra heat and flavor. [Swirled]

If you’re ready to switch up your beer game, try going spicy. Westbrook Brewing Company’s Mexican Cake brew packs an ABV of 10.5 percent and features notes of cocoa nibs, vanilla beans, cinnamon sticks and habanero peppers. [Swirled]

Stuffed onions are your new favorite way to use this veggie, and they’re easy to boot. You can stuff your onion with spinach, bacon, celery, cashews and cubes of country-style bread, and roast it for 30 minutes to have an amazing, low-cost meal in no time. [Swirled]

Pack Your Bags

Itching to go to Hawaii? When you do, stay in the treehouse Airbnb nestled in the rainforest. Located just 10 miles from Hawaii’s scenic Volcano National Park, you can hang among the green canopy in the beachy abode for just $50 a night. [Swirled]

If you’re not sure what food is and isn’t allowed on your plane, we got you. You technically can bring frozen food on the plane with you as long as it was frozen when you passed through security. Unfortunately, though, ice cream is not allowed. Womp womp. [Swirled]

According to a recent survey, curiosity is the most desired trait that people look for in travel buddies. Curio Collection by Hilton found that 64 percent of survey participants are attracted to curiosity in potential travel companions, and 53 percent reported that they personally need to work on being more open to new opportunities. [Travel + Leisure]

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