5 Simple Workout Moves That Will Keep You Fit For The Rest Of Your Life


There are people in this world who just can’t get enough exercise, and then there are people whom you couldn’t pay enough to set foot in a gym. But what if we told that second group that there are super straightforward exercises you can do with your bodyweight alone that will get you fit and keep you strong for the rest of your life? That’s right, now we’re talking.

Basic strength training is critical for your overall exercise routine. It boosts metabolic function, helps women especially avoid osteoporosis later on in life, prevents unwanted injuries and naturally boosts energy levels. So even if you hate cardio, integrate a few strength-building movements into your weekly routine to give your body what it needs today, tomorrow and 50 years from now. The five bodyweight exercises below can be modified in many ways to cater to each level of expertise, pretty much guaranteeing that anyone can do them at any stage of life to build enduring strength, flexibility and vitality.

1. Planks

Love ’em or hate ’em, these guys accomplish so much work in so little time. Without any thrusting or crunching or bizarre movement at all, you strengthen your entire core, shoulders, glutes and legs. Not to mention, there are so many varieties to try. Forearm planks, side planks, single-leg planks, modified knees-to-floor planks — the list goes on and on. You might not enjoy this exercise, but you’ll never get bored of it.

2. Glute Bridges

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While the glutes should be the strongest muscles in our bodies, they are often some of the weakest, thanks to our overly sedentary (and seated) lifestyles. So glute bridges help us undo this damage, and again, there are so many different styles of glute bridges to try. From the classic bridge to single-leg bridges with kicks added in, you’ll definitely feel the burn as you keep your core and lower body strong and stabilized.

3. Wall Squats

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The land of squats isn’t truly accessible for all folks of all ages because plenty of people struggle with hip and knee injuries. However, the wall squat is a supported variation that most exercisers can handle and benefit from completing every so often. Bracing your back against a wall provides stability as you train your quads to hold your bodyweight isometrically for as long as it can. Talk about instant toning.

4. Push-Ups

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Yes, everyone can do some style of push-up (so long as the shoulder joint is in healthy condition). And just so we’re clear, there is nothing “girly” about the modified version where you place your knees on the ground. Start slowly with the beginner variations and work your way up to the full-out badass push-up you know you have inside of you. So long as your form is on point and you’re minimizing your risk of injury, you’re crushing any push-up you try.

5. Jumping Jacks

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Okay, so these guys kind of veer into the land of cardio, but the plyometric (read: jumping) movement is what helps your legs build strength as your core stabilizes and arms lengthen throughout the exercise. Because they are a relatively low-impact exercise, meaning they’re easy on the knees and hips, you can do these throughout your life, adjusting the pace to whatever works for you at that point in time. Plus, they have a way of making you feel like a carefree kid again.