These Champion Egg Hacks Will Simplify Your Life


Kitchen hacks come in clutch. When it comes to an everyday staple like eggs, we can all thank the clever souls who stumbled upon these easy solutions. Whether it’s the tedious peeling of an egg, scooping out the shells or separating the yolks from the whites, you can make your life infinitely easier with these egg hacks.

1. Use a water bottle to separate the yolks from the whites.

You’re gonna freak when you realize how smart this is. You can use an empty plastic water bottle to separate an egg quickly and cleanly. No need to use one of those classy egg separators or get your hands all sticky. Crack the egg into a bowl, squeeze an empty plastic water bottle very slightly and place the opening over the yolk. When you release your grip on the bottle, the yolk gets sucked inside the bottle. BOOM. Baking just became so much quicker.

2. Wet your fingers before you remove shells.

As much as you try to avoid it, you somehow always end up with a tiny piece of shell in your egg right before you’re about to scramble. Instead of sticking your fingers straight in there, wet them a little first. The piece of shell with gravitate to your fingertips so that you won’t have to dig around for an hour. Always make sure to check the raw eggs for shells because they actually have a better chance at carrying salmonella than the egg itself.

3. Peel hard-boiled eggs with a spoon.

The super thin layer of skin that sits in between the shell and the egg white can be a pain to deal with. All you need is a simple kitchen teaspoon to make your life easier. Tap the bottom of the egg against the counter and then peel off just the bottom of the egg. Using a little bit of pressure gently slide the teaspoon up in between the egg and cooked yolk and rotate it around the egg until the shell becomes fully detached. Now you won’t have hundreds of pieces of the shell scattered across the counter.

4. Bake your eggs in muffin tins.

This is a genius way to make a bunch of eggs with barely any effort. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees Farenheight and use butter or a healthy cooking oil to grease each cup in the muffin tin. Cook up some veggies or meat and cut them up into small pieces. Evenly distribute these toppings to each cup. Crack a dozen eggs into a mixing bowl, add your seasoning and scramble it up. Pour the egg into each cup over the veggies until each one is full and then place the muffin tin in the oven for about 12 to 15 minutes. You can serve them as a party snack or put the leftovers in the fridge and heat them up as you go. You can even add these egg bites to a breakfast sandwich or a wrap for an easy on-the-go meal.

5. Make your omelet in a bag.

Most people love a good omelet, but the most annoying part is the idea you’ll burn it or that it’ll stick to the pan. You can save yourself a headache by poaching your omelet in a plastic bag. Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Pour in the beaten eggs, all of your preferred toppings and seasonings into the bag and seal it up, making sure to press out the extra air. Put the bag in the simmering water and cook until the omelet sets, in just about six minutes. This is also helpful when you want to make multiple omelets at once with different toppings. Just place each person’s omelet bag in the pot and you can all eat at the same time.