4 Ways To De-Wrinkle Clothes Without A Steamer

best de-wrinkling tips

Unsplash/Becca McHaffie

There are few things worse than waking up late on an important day and finding that your perfect outfit is so wrinkled. To make things worse, you don’t have a steamer and you barely know how to work your iron. Don’t worry — hope is not lost. Here are four ways you can straighten out that suit or dress with time to spare for a good breakfast.

1. Use your hair straightener.

Hey, it makes sense, right? A straightener can function like a low-budget steamer and iron by applying heat to your clothes and — yep — straightening them out. Make sure to wipe off any potential hair product that could be lingering on your straightener before using it on clothes.

2. Take a steamy shower.

Save serious time by hanging your outfit nicely on the back of your door or on the towel bar — basically anywhere on the wall where the clothing can fall flat — and take a hot shower. Since you don’t really need to take any extra steps to prepare your clothes, feel free to spend a few extra minutes in there. At the end, wipe down your clothes with your damp towel (as long as it’s not dripping wet) and you’ll have significantly few wrinkles.

3. Buy a spray bottle.

You have a few options if you have a spray bottle on hand. Fill the bottle with hot water, then hold the bottle at least six inches from your clothing and spray. Or for a more dramatic effect, dilute a tablespoon of vinegar in your hot water. The vinegar is a chemical-free alternative to de-wrinkling items, so it’s bound to help.

4. Heat up your tea kettle.

Say hello to your new discount steamer. If you think about it, a steamer is just a product that blows out steam, and in reality, a kettle does the same exact thing. Fill your tea kettle with water almost to the top and boil it until it whistles. Then, hold your clothing a foot away from the steam. Make sure to rotate parts of your item to let every inch get some steam time. Then, smooth it out with your hands.