Here’s The Dunkin’ Donuts Secret Menu For Your Morning Rush

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There are two kinds of people in this world. Dunkin’ Donuts devotees and Starbucks fans. We’re not making any generalizations that people judge you based on your coffee choices, but, they kind of do. Somewhere along the way, Dunkin’ got a rep for being the more low-key caffeine choice, but there are plenty of reasons why DD is the winner for a lot of people. Above all, they have donuts and Coolattas. If you can find another coffee shop with over 50 donut flavors, bravo. Also, the coffee is milder to drink since it doesn’t have a reputation for burnt beans. Just like any trusted food chain, Dunkin’ has secret menu-style drinks that’ll rival your favorite coffee shop.

1. Birthday Cake Coolatta

Since the majority of the population is obsessed with all things birthday cake, order a birthday cake Coolatta next time you’re at Dunkin’. Ask for a vanilla Coolatta with a swirl of hazelnut (more or less pumps depending on the size). Happy birthday!

2. Nutella Surprise 

Ugh, Nutella. It makes everything better. Nutella-stuffed croissants, Nutella and marshmallow-stuffed sandwiches, Nutella bread pudding — the list never ends. Why not continue the Nutella party at Dunkin’? Add two mocha swirls and one hazelnut shot to any coffee drink and you can pretend like you’re spooning Nutella out of a jar in your PJs.

3. Cap’n Crunch Coolatta

Anything with Cap’n Crunch can make us a little nostalgic. This creation might send you into diabetic shock, but try a strawberry Coolatta with a shot of raspberry, a shot of blueberry and cream.

4. Peaches And Cream Coolatta

Peaches and cream basically equal summer. Order a vanilla bean Coolatta and have your neighborhood Dunkin’ barista add a few shots of peach flavor. No regrets with this one.

5. Raspberry Hot Chocolate 

When it starts to get a little cold outside, instead of going with the classic peppermint, add three shots of raspberry for a raspberry hot chocolate.

6. Almond Joy Coffee

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Most employees will know exactly what you’re talking about when you ask for an Almond Joy coffee. Just ask for a regular or mocha iced coffee and add a shot of toasted almond and a shot of coconut.

7. Eggnog Latte

You can ask for this iced or hot. Order a vanilla chai, either hot or frozen, and ask for three extra pumps of caramel swirl. Pretend like it’s the holiday season all year round.

8. Snickers Coffee

You can satisfy your candy and coffee cravings at the same time with this one. Order any regular coffee drink and ask for one pump of hazelnut swirl and one pump of salted caramel swirl. It’s way more refreshing when you get it iced, but the choice is yours.

9. Coco Berry Coffee

This one is a little funky. Order an iced mocha coffee with a shot of blueberry and coconut milk and you’ll have yourself coco berry coffee.