Croatia’s Actually Not That Cheap — Here’s How Much You’ll Really Spend In Dubrovnik


Unfortunately, the days of Dubrovnik being a cheap hidden gem are long gone. The Croatian city’s budget reputation remains, but if you’re truly pinching pennies, you should be aware of how much you’ll need in your bank account before arriving in the stunning coastal city. Here’s how much we’d suggest budgeting for a daily allowance in Dubrovnik, depending on your travel style.

Eat: $15-70 daily

Dubrovnik is right on the coast, so you will be tempted by seafood in every restaurant. As is true for everywhere, the closer to the tourist action, the more expensive the food. In the Old Town, expect to pay $5 to $10 for street food and closer to $20 for full entrees.

Visitors in the summer months will want ice cream — that’s just a fact. We love Dolce Vita in the Old Town and a gelato isn’t more than $5. We’d recommend grabbing street food plus gelato and eating sit-down meals outside the Old Town to keep costs reasonable.

Drink: $10-20 daily

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A coffee in the city won’t break the bank, but beware that it’s not a to-go culture here. If you’re looking for an iced coffee a la Starbucks, you’re out of luck and better off saving that $5 for another gelato.

Looking for a spot to drink something harder than espresso? Buža Bar is iconic. You can sip a drink while watching brave swimmers jump from rocks into the sea or order yourself a congratulatory glass of bubbly if you make the leap yourself. It’s around $7 for a beer and $9 for champagne.

Sleep: $50-150 daily

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Even a dorm room in a hostel costs $50 or more in Dubrovnik during the high season. (Yes, that is a crazy price to pay to share a room full of bunk beds with strangers.) But if you go before it’s warm enough to swim, you can find a place for $25 per night.

The average Airbnb here costs $102, with off-season prices closer to $86 and high-season hitting around $142. Affordable Airbnbs are farther away from the Old Town and will require taking a bus (or Uber) around the city.

Real talk: During the summer, it’ll be hard to find a hotel under $150 per night that you’d want to stay in. The cheaper options require transportation to and from your hotel to the Old Town (sometimes even the public buses don’t go along these routes) and the hotels within walking distance of the old town might costs closer to $300 for a single night.

Play: $15-75 daily

Luckily, Dubrovnik will awe you without spending a penny. Just seeing the medieval city and the shining Adriatic Sea will fill your heart. There are free beaches, parks and museums, but inevitably, you will want to spend a little to see a lot.

If you do one touristy thing in Dubrovnik, it’ll be the city wall tour. That’s where you’ll feel the most “Game of Thrones” Mother of Dragons vibes and see the most beautiful panoramas of the city. Entry costs $25 (and it’s worth it).

Wandering around the city is free — as is access to the best cliff-jumping spots along the city walls — but in order to get to any of the nearby islands, you’ll need ferry fare. The boat to Lokrum island costs about $6.50 (also worth it).

To see the city from above, you can take the cable car to an observatory in the hills behind the city. The ride up and down costs $25. The view is stunning, but if you’re bold, you can also hike up for free.

Total: $90-315

Depending on where you’re staying, what you’re eating and how you’re filling your days, Dubrovnik can cost anywhere from $90 to $315. So plan accordingly and, if you choose to go in the summer, expect to be one in a crowd paying steep prices for the gorgeous sunny days.