Dubai’s Newest Underwater Resort Will Make You Feel Like The Little Mermaid


If you’ve ever wanted to live like the Little Mermaid — even just for a day — join the club. We all want to be where the fish and sea life are, and now we have the chance. This Dubai underwater resort offers the ultimate opportunity to experience luxury beneath the surface. You have to check out the mega-city’s latest attraction.

Travel + Leisure reports that the resort, called The Floating Venice, is inspired by the Italian city in every way. It’s considered a “floating” resort because it’s technically classified as a boat, though all of the magic really is below.

Above sea level, the resort is built like a Venetian neighborhood with grand arches and gondolas. Underwater rooms, lounges, restaurants, bars and even spas are available for your pleasure.

The resort is set to open in 2020, and we can only imagine how bomb the rooms are going to look. If it’s been a lifelong dream of yours to immerse yourself in a sea world, you need to visit The Floating Venice.