7 Dogs You’ll Meet On Your Travel Adventures Around The World


We’re here to answer the important travel questions and, at the top of your list, we know you’re wondering what kind of dogs you can befriend while out exploring the world. Don’t worry, there are so many. Here are just a few of the types of pups you could encounter on your adventures.

(PSA: Dognapping is always illegal. You can’t adopt all these dogs to love forever when your travels end.)

1. The Airport Emotional Support Dog

Many airports have canines with duties besides sniffing for bombs. San Francisco’s Wag Brigade is on a mission to make the time at your gate some of the floofiest you’ll ever spend waiting for a flight.

2. The Icelandic Sheepdog

Bred for the snow and cold, these puppies are equipped to deal with the weather in Iceland – probably better prepared than you. But that’s okay, you can just find a nice fireplace and snuggle up next to this ‘lil guy.

3. The Traveler Companion Who’s Seen It All

Nonplussed and probably sleepy, these tried and true travel buddies are their owners best friend. Never left behind for a trip, these dogs likely have more seen more countries on your bucket list than you have and enjoyed every second of adventuring (and napping) in far-off locations.

4. The Dog-Sledding Arctic Husky

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These big, strong dogs are as close as you can find to a friendly wolf – and that’s why we love them. Whether you’re going on an actual sledding trip or just hanging around in the Arctic cold, these Huskies are waiting for you in Alaska, Canada and Scandinavia.

5. The Mountain Rescue Dog

These serene giants are said to be able to sense danger, making them the perfect companions for mountain adventures. In more traditional times, they guarded families and flocks of sheep. Nowadays, you might be able to spot them on the ski slopes or snowshoeing trails.

6. The Georgian Shepard

Ready to hike through Georgia’s rugged countryside (country, not state)? Be ready to see some of these furry pals. They’re native to the mountains here and make great guard dogs – who would try to pass these guys by? They’re basically bear-sized.

7. The Santorini Strays

No one really knows where they come from; the locals talk about these doggos like they’ve always been around (and usually throw them some food to keep them around), but beware, you will want to take one home with you.

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