Daily Fit 07/25/2019: Yes, When You Eat Matters

Yes, when you eat matters

Unsplash / Herson Rodriguez

Health Tip Of The Day: Are you finding it hard to lose weight or do you lack the energy to exercise? You might be eating your biggest meals at the wrong time of the day.

When it comes to food intake, timing matters.

We’ve been told at least two hundred times not to skip breakfast, but what about the other meals of the day? Food is first and foremost our supply of energy and during the day it fuels everything we do — from our concentration on that important conference call to an evening workout. But as our day unwinds and we get to relax while binging on Netflix, snacking can forfeit our otherwise healthy day of eating. The four-meals-a-day approach can help you break this habit.

What to know about the four meal approach.

Front-loading calories may be the solution to unhealthy snacking. This approach includes four meals a day, with breakfast, two smaller lunches and dinner (no late-night bites!). This timeline gives you more energy during the day when you actually need those calories to keep you going. [U.S. News]

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