Daily Fit 5/22/19: Do This To Improve Your Pushups

do this to improve your pushups


Workout Tip Of The Day: Incline Pushups Can Help You Get Better At Doing The Standard Pushup With Good Form.

Why They Work: If you struggle with basic pushups, consider building up your strength first by doing incline pushups instead. Both traditional and incline pushups target the pecs (the main muscles of the chest), but the inclined method reduces stress on your elbows and the amount of body weight you have to lift. Placing your hands higher makes this exercise easier, albeit still effective. If your goal is to perform a standard pushup with good form, practicing with incline pushups will help you get there faster compared to simply doing pushups on your knees. In order to learn how to do a regular pushup from your toes, you first need to be able to engage your glutes, quads and core simultaneously while lowering yourself down to the ground. Incline pushups can train you to do this in a way that knee pushups cannot.

How To Do Them: You can do incline pushups from almost anywhere. All you need is a stable, elevated surface like a table, a desk or even the arm of a couch. If you’re doing this exercise at the gym, you can use the barbell on a Smith machine and gradually move it lower as you become stronger. Begin in a pushup position with both of your hands placed on the elevated surface, making sure that your hands are directly underneath your shoulders and slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Practice good form by ensuring that your body is in a straight line, from your shoulders all the way to your toes. Don’t let your hips dip and avoid hiking up your butt. When you perform a pushup, keep your elbows near your side and move your entire body towards the ground in unison. Perform three sets of 10 repetitions for the best results. [Verywell Fit]

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