The Best Creative Ways To Show Off Your Favorite Travel Photos

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Instagram is a great digital scrapbook, but even the most diligent Insta-fan can’t post every single travel photo to the ‘gram. So with all of your shots on shots on shots of your endless adventures, here are four types of crafts you can use to display them with pride.

Make a scrapbook or digital photo book.


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Yes, maybe cutting and pasting paper versions of printed photos with literal scissors and taping them onto a page is a thing of your mother’s generation. But luckily, a plethora of online services have devised easy ways to take your photos and turn them into a page-turner — or at least a nice fixture for your coffee table. Our favorite sites include Shutterfly (lots of templates and creative add-ons to create some personal flair) and Snapfish (for the simple, quick and easy process), but even your local Walgreens or CVS probably has an easy photo book service right on site.

On the flip side, how soothing does it sound to create something beautiful with your hands? Scrapbooking can be done while binge-watching your favorite travel TV show, and there’s nothing like finding a handwritten note about your travel memories years down the line.

Design some map-inspired home decor.


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Whether you like geometric designs, raw wood, corkboard or simple stickers, you can connect your travel photos with string, pins or frames to where they were taken on a big wall map. Or pin photos directly to a wall poster on the destination in the photo. We’ve even seen maps where travel photos are cut to fill in the shape of the state or country where the photo was taken. But don’t worry — this can be as labor-intensive or as easy as you want it to be.

Literally cover a wall with photos.


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We love a good gallery wall, and those travel photos sitting in a file folder on your computer could become a stunning display. Now, you can go all out and cover an entire wall with photos or you can go a more minimalist route — whatever suits your style. If you decide to cover an entire wall, we suggest keeping things either entirely uniform in size or varying things in size, shape and texture frequently. We think gallery walls look best when there’s a unifying theme or all-out organized chaos.

Pro tip: Try shopping for photo frames at thrift stores to save a little money. Printing photos alone can add up, expense-wise.

Create your own postcards or stationary.


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We don’t know about you, but we never successfully send the postcards we pick up on our travels. They end up sitting in our desks in piles, so we’ve adopted a new method for postcards: making our own out of our travel photos. You can use services like Vistaprint, Moo or even just stop into an office supply store and print them off the cuff.

Bonus: Everyone loves getting mail so no one will mind you sending these cards now that you’re home instead of on the road.


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