Disneyland’s New Beer and Sorbet Mich-Helado Will Make You Ditch Beer Floats Forever

disneyland mich-helado drink


You may not associate a trip to Disneyland with a chance to sample world-class cocktails, but the park’s new Mich-Helado drink might change your mind. Served at Clarabelle’s Hand-Scooped Ice Cream in Disney’s California Adventure, the drink is a hybrid between a classic Mexican michelada cocktail and a scoop of sorbet. Just when you thought Disneyland couldn’t get any more magical.

The cocktail, which will cost you $10.49, consists of “ice-cold amber lager with spiced tomato and lime sorbet, house-made tamarindo sauce [a sour, dark fruit, often used in Thai cuisine], and chili-lime [Tajín] seasoning,” according to Clarabelle’s menu. For beer-lovers with a soft spot for spiciness, this drink is your dream come true.

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If you’re looking for an  Instagrammable beverage that will get you tons of likes, look no further; Instagram is already going crazy over this concoction. Disney’s Mich-Helado is served picture-perfect, with the beer in a spice-rimmed glass and a floating ball of tamarindo-drizzled sorbet on top, acting like the cherry on the cake.

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Now, if we could only convince our favorite brunch spot to start making this drink as well…


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