This Kitchen Product Makes Sure You Never Eat Spoiled Food Again


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The saying goes that you shouldn’t cry over spilled milk, but what about spoiled milk? Plainly put, no one likes spoiled food. No one purposefully eats or drinks spoiled food. For some reason, though, it happens, likely because we forget how long ago we bought or made something. Say goodbye to this nasty habit with this kitchen product that will solve the issue entirely. That product is the datable storage container.

This storage container looks like any other, except for one feature: a dial on the lid that allows you to keep track of the day you bought or made your food. Now, there’s absolutely no excuse for keeping that lasagna a day too long.


You can buy the 30.4-oz container on Amazon for $8.95 or upgrade to a 40.6-oz container for $16.38. The lids are stackable, they’re microwave-safe and BPA-free.

We’ll take a $9 container over food poisoning any day, and we bet you’re with us on that one. Try the container for yourself and we guarantee your life (and digestive tract) will never get derailed because of dated food again.