Here’s Why You Need To Visit A Japanese Wasabi Farm ASAP


Wasabi is one of the most expensive plants (and possibly the most difficult to grow commercially) in the world. No matter how much sushi you’ve eaten in your life, chances are that you haven’t tried real wasabi. (In the United States, that green ball next to your sushi is actually just a mixture of spicy mustard, green dye and horseradish.)

The Daio Wasabi Farm, located near Matsumoto, Japan, is the country’s largest wasabi farm. And for this reason, Daio is a sought-after travel destination. The wasabi here is about as real as it gets.

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If you’re a fan of all things wasabi, you’ll want to plan a trip to this farm where you can float through streams of water from the Northern Alps with a view of the mountains in the backdrop. You’ll be surrounded by all kinds of lush greenery and idyllic, old-fashioned watermills.

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Since wasabi seeds are hard to get your hands on, and natural causes could easily kill the wasabi before it has a chance to thrive, cultivating this spicy root vegetable is pretty much an artform.

Daio Wasabi Farm is like Disney World for wasabi lovers. You’ll come across multiple shops and a restaurant right on the premises. You can browse through wasabi-centric products like fresh wasabi, wasabi paste, wasabi soba noodles, wasabi soft serve, wasabi sausages, wasabi dressing, wasabi beer, wasabi chocolate and wasabi-flavored pickles.

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Real wasabi is grated and tastes more herbal than the kind you often have next to your sushi. It’s spicy but doesn’t have as much of a lingering and burning aftertaste. True wasabi, like the kind you’ll discover at wasabi farms like this one, is smoother and cleaner than the commercially produced substitute.

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If you’re planning to travel near Japan’s main island of Honshu, you’ll want to check out some real-deal wasabi and see how the magic happens.