These 6 Floating Markets Around The World Are A Shopper’s Dream

coolest floating markets

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We love a good market. We can be tempted into hours of shopping at just about any type of market. But floating markets are in a league of their own, with the added thrill of navigating from stall to stall or boat to boat to find the absolute best foods and souvenirs. These six are some of the coolest floating markets around the world.

1. Damnoen Saduak, Ratchaburi Province, Thailand

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One of the most famous tourist attractions in Thailand, this market features fresh produce and souvenirs. You can easily get there via bus from Bangkok since the market is only a short drive outside the city.

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The walled canals of Xochimilco contain a maze of colorful boats with blooming flowers and food stalls. Snack on Mexican treats as you float along the artificial islands and take in the sights while listening to mariachi music.

3. Dal Lake, Srinagar, India

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The most popular wares here are vegetables, grown right on the lake. There are tomatoes, cucumbers and water chestnuts picked fresh for the market. But you have to get to Dal Lake early. The market begins at dawn and closes before the sun even really rises.

4. Flower Market, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam’s flower market is located inside rows of houseboats lining the Singel Canal. It’s not only for fresh bouquets of flowers, either. You can buy supplies for your garden, including traditional Dutch tulip bulbs.

5. Cai Rang, Mekong Delta, Vietnam

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You won’t find souvenirs here, but if you have a craving for fresh foods, you’re in luck. You can grab pineapples straight from a passing boat or sip on drinks sold from another floating merchant as they pull up to show off their wares.

6. BeYouLand Market, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Dubai’s floating market is slated to debut in May 2018. Each stall along the Al Seef Promenade will be a different boutique, outfitted with air conditioning and fitting rooms for trying on clothes. We expect nothing less from Dubai.


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