Here’s How To Make The Ultimate Cookie Shots


Sweet tooths, gather ’round.

We know how hard it is sometimes to choose between indulgences. Do you take the cookie or the Kahlúa? Well, now you don’t have to choose. Cookie shots are the perfect compromise between two insatiable cravings: cookies and alcohol. Here’s how to make them for yourself.

First, grab a special cookie shooters baking pan (they’re cheap AF) and store-bought cookie dough. If you’re feeling ambitious enough to make your own dough, try our recipe.

Spray the baking pan with a nonstick spray (or rub it down with room-temperature butter). Add dollops of cookie dough and spread them up the sides of the pan to form the beginnings of the shooter shapes. Then bake as directed on the shooters baking pan box.

Once cooled, you can add milk, alcohol and more — the options are endless. Also, if you want to add a level of decadence, you can spread melted chocolate on the inside of the cookie shots, let them cool in the refrigerator and then enjoy with your beverage of choice.

It’s time to cookie it up. Making these shots is surprisingly easy (as long as you have the right equipment).