This LA Cafe Makes Lattes Into Gorgeously Colorful Flower And Sunset Art


Because coffee is the light of all of our lives, you can now drink your latte in the form of a sunset.

Baristas at The Butcher, The Baker & The Cappuccino Maker in Los Angeles decorate lattes with gorgeously colorful art. The cafe, located in West Hollywood, is a stylish mecca for coffee, treats and, of course, brunch.

They create geometric flowers.

And switch up the color scheme often.

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And stunning sunset scenes.

You can soak in the caffeine glow.

And abstract art.

In gorgeous rainbow hues.

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The variety is amazing.

No one-trick-pony artists here.

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They can match drinks to shirts.

Hawaiian all the way.

And draw your favorite landscape.

Look at those mountains calling!

They’re ideal for Instagram.

Your friends will be booking their own LA trip ASAP.

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