This Is The Easiest Way To Get The Most Flavor Out Of Your Home-Brewed Coffee

Unsplash/Danielle Macinnes

We love how much money we end up saving each month by home-brewing our morning cup of coffee. (Seriously, it’s like someone threw an extra $100 bill in our wallet.) But sometimes, we just can’t seem to nail that robust café flavor we’re craving, which ends up taking the wind out of our happy budget sails.

Luckily there’s an oh-so-easy method to achieving a perfectly powerful cup of joe every single time you get that coffee pot in gear. It’s a little something called a coffee bloom.

Before brewing your coffee, pour boiling hot water in a circular motion on top of the freshly ground beans sitting in the filter just so they get wet. As you let them sit for 45 seconds,  you’ll notice how the grounds look like they’re expanding. That’s the coffee bloom! The hot water leads to the rapid release of carbon dioxide that was originally trapped inside the beans during the roasting process. It also happens that the main flavor compounds of your coffee beans are trapped in those gases as well.

Unsplash/Karl Fredrickson

So, when you activate the release of carbon dioxide right before brewing your cup, you end up collecting that many more flavor compounds in the process. This technique can also indicate just how fresh your coffee beans are. The larger the coffee boom, the more carbon dioxide present in the beans holding on to all of that toasty flavor, the better your cup is about to taste.

Genius. We don’t know about you, but our home-brewing game is forever changed… and for the better.

[h/t PureWow]