These Cliffside Monasteries Around The World Make For The Best Mountain Views

cliffside monasteries


For centuries, monasteries have been havens for embracing the natural and spiritual world. And there’s no better evidence for this than these cliffside monasteries around the world. You’ll basically be in the heavens if you make it for a visit.

Paro Taksang — Paro District, Bhutan

Key Monastery — Dhar Lama Chung Chung, India

Sumela Monastery — Trabzon, Turkey

Rumtek Monastery — Sikkim, India

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Yumbulagang Monastery — Lhoka, Tibet

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Montserrat Monastery — Catalonia, Spain

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Hozoviotissa Monastery — Amorgos, Greece

Osiou Grigoriou Monastery — Agio Oros, Greece

Meteora — Kalabaka, Greece