36 Churro-Inspired Desserts That Are Sugary Perfection


Churros are no doubt a dessert favorite. The way cinnamon, sugar and fried dough come together is just perfection. Whether you devour one from a street vendor or at a fancy restaurant, no one would dispute their deliciousness. And what’s better than a churro? Churro hybrids. We’re not just talking about the ever so popular churro ice cream cones that have blown up on Instagram. Think churro s’mores. Churro fried ice cream. Chocolate chip churro pizza. You get the idea. Below, 36 brilliant churro-inspired desserts that are pure sugary bliss.

1. Churro Tacos

2. Churro Donuts

3. Churro Crepes

4. Churro French Toast

5. Churro Cones

6. Churro Cake

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7. Churro Rice Krispie Treats

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8. Churro Pie

9. Churro Ice Cream Sandwich

10. Churro Waffles

11. Churro Cupcakes

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12. Churro Popcorn

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13. Churro Fried Ice Cream

14. Churro S’mores

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15. Nutella-Stuffed Churros

16. Churro Lollipop

17. Churro Cream Puffs

18. Dulce de Leche Churros

19. Churro Pancakes

20. Churro Milkshake

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21. Churro Cronut

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22. Churro Tart

23. Chocolate Chip Churro Pizza

24. Churro Empanadas

25. Churro Truffles

26. Churro Cheesecake

27. Churro Macarons

28. Churro Chex Mix

29. Churro Cookies

30. Churro Poppers

31. Churro-Flavored Ice Cream

32. Oreo Churros

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33. Churro Pretzel

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34. Churro Apple Pie

35. Churro Muffins

36. Churro Chips