9 Chocolate Mousse Desserts That Are Dreamier Than Your S.O.


Every day should be chocolate mousse day, if you ask us. Can you think of anything else that fills you with happiness, is sweet to you and makes you think, is there anything more incredible? These chocolate mousse desserts remind us that perfection exists, and it’s right in front of us.

1. This chocolate mousse cake with raspberries looks way too pretty to eat.

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2. Watch out: chocolate mousse truffles are ready to steal your girl.

3. This raw chocolate mousse pie may be good and organic, but it still brings out the devil in us.

What vegans eat in La Fortuna, Costa Rica. Raw chocolate mousse pie. Life House Organic Restaurant.

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4. A glossy chocolate mousse tart with a floral finish is more beautiful than anyone on their best day.

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5. The fluffiest chocolate mousse with even fluffier whipped cream and chocolate shavings… we can’t.

6. Just LOOK at the inside of this chocolate raspberry mousse dome.

7. You can’t get any cuter than these chocolate strawberry mousse cupcakes.

8. This chocolate avocado mousse swirls in perfectly with peanut butter and fresh fruit.

9. The chocolate pearls and outward-facing fresh strawberries make this cake the ultimate #goals.