Chocolate 3-D Printing Is The Coolest Invention We Didn’t Even Know We Needed


The future of chocolate is here: chocolate 3-D printing is a real thing and all we can do is stare.

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Chocolate 3-D printing surprisingly isn’t new: Hershey’s Chocolate came out with a 3-D printer in 2015 and a few other companies have followed suit. But until recently, you would have to visit a company’s headquarters just to take a peek at the process.

Now, a Belgian company named Miam Factory is totally changing the 3-D printing industry. Its specialized printing machines are extremely precise, running melted chocolate in organized patterns of .2 millimeters layers, which creates edible sculptures to exact specifications. The lasers were developed by the University of Liege’s Smart Gastronomy Lab, where they tested the product for months before bringing them to Miam.

What makes this company truly special is that they offer specialized printing and sculpting, and they’re selling to both major companies and individuals who are willing to shell out to engineer their own unique creation.

The chocolate can be eaten right after it’s printed, and depending on the size of the sculpture, printing can take between 10 minutes and three hours. You can even add a personalized logo.

Finally, anyone who’s wanted a 3-D chocolate sculpture of their face, or their dog, or whatever, can get it without having to locate one of few public chocolate 3-D shops and labs in the world. If you’re interested in buying one, you can head to Miam’s site to inquire.

It almost feels like chocolate is taking over the world…weirdly we are okay with that. #LongLiveChocolate3DPrinters