Chinese Sugar Art Is Almost Too Pretty To Eat

When it comes to indulgent foods and foods that are more than worthy of being plastered all over social media, Chinese sugar painting deserves some time in the spotlight. Sugar painting is a traditional Chinese form of folk art. Hot liquid sugar or caramel is used to create two-dimensional figures like small animals. Sugar art is pretty popular with children, but it’s beautiful enough to intrigue just about anyone.

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Hot sugar is drizzled from a small ladle onto a flat surface (usually made of white marble or metal) and the outline of the figure is drawn with a relatively thick stream of sugar. After the main outline is drawn, thinner supporting strands of sugar are placed to support the outline and fill in the figure of the body in a combination of swirls, zig-zags or other patterns. The whole design is supported by a wooden stick.

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Customers traditionally spin an arrow on a wheel, which lands on a certain figure inspired by nature or wildlife in forms like a dragon, fish, monkey, dog, bird or flower basket. This ancient Sichuan art form might not be as common as it once was, but it still has the power to mesmerize tourists who stumble upon talented street artists that make these amazing creations.

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