This Chinese Bridge ‘Shatters’ Under Your Feet

East Taihang District/WeChat

You know what’s not a funny publicity stunt? Pretending like your glass bridge suspended over a gigantic cliff is shattering.

The team behind a glass panel bridge in Hebei, China crafted the attraction to crack under tourists’ feet without warning. Of course, the glass isn’t actually breaking; it’s a clever creation using novelty glass. But it sure doesn’t feel that way when you see it crumbling beneath your feet unexpectedly.

A video of the first bold visitor to cross the bridge went viral, and we can pretty much feel the terror in this poor man’s face.

Whether the glass is truly breaking or not, it’s still a 3,800-foot drop below. The glass panels are layered so that visitors feel a crunch under their feet, which is enough to give anyone a heart attack while walking over any bridge that even has the tiniest of tremors.

Justifying our freakout over the “stunt,” a glass bridge in China really did crack in 2015.

According to Mashable, the people behind the more recent crazy bridge experience apologized and said that the shattered glass effect was intended to be “provocative.” Yikes. However, there are no plans to replace the bridge with entirely uncrackable glass, so tourists can tackle the shattering glass walk if they feel the need. But please, let’s not make this the new standard of glass bridges. Isn’t it enough to just see through the floor?