The Chinese Club’s Food Honors A Family Legacy

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  • Although you’ll find familiar Chinese-American dishes like General Tso’s and sweet and sour chicken, the restaurant also explores Chinese cuisine far beyond the US. Hakka-, Malaysian-, Taiwanese-, and Indian-Chinese dishes are scattered throughout the menu
  • Though you could stick to those classic takeout dishes, Delhi-born chef Salil Mehta, and his wife, Darjeeling-born Stacey Lo, would rather you didn’t. The club’s real aim is to highlight those lesser-known dishes like Calcutta chicken, Hakka chili paneer, and Kathmandu Thukpa (noodle soup with poached egg, chili, and mushrooms)
  • Before it was The Chinese Club, 208 Grand was home to Pasar Malam, the Mehtas’ lively Malaysian restaurant whose multicultural menu was perhaps too ahead of its time for Williamsburg (about five years ahead, according to Mehta). But traces of that well-traveled vision live on in dishes like the chili crab and the crispy Hainanese chicken. Reservations can be made through Yelp

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Williamsburg’s Chinese Club pays homage to the Darjeeling Chinese Club, which opened in 1941. The club was a meeting place for Chinese natives living in India where they could relax and enjoy Chinese cooking, which grew to incorporate Indian flavors over time. The club’s founder was Stacey Mehta’s great-grandfather, Foo Fung Lo