05/17/19 Newsletter: Check Out These Traveling Doggos

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1. Wild Card: Dogs Who Travel

Let’s be honest, you could use some more cuteness in your day. And dogs that travel are pawsitively the cutest. Refresh your Instagram feed and keep up with the adventures of our favorite traveling hounds. [Swirled]

2. Life Hack Of The Day: Tarnished Copper Edition

You can clean tarnished copper the same way you eat your fries — with ketchup. Just squirt a bit onto your copper pots and pans, rub it in and let sit for a few minutes. Rinse with warm water and dry with a clean towel. They should shine as good as new!

3. R&R: Energizing Steam Showers

Shower steamers are a game-changer. A short list of ingredients: cornstarch, water, essential oils combine to make shower time, me time. As the steamers come in contact with water, the burst of scents released will get you ready to tackle the day. Citrus or peppermint are perfect to wake up your morning, while lavender is best if you prefer a pre-bed shower. [Busy Bliss]

4. Workout Of The Week: Proper Workout Breathing

Learning how to control your diaphragm and breathe properly is just as important — if not more so — as performing an exercise properly. Although your breathing differs from exercise to exercise (long-distance jogging to strength-building to yoga) your diaphragm will always matter when it comes to exercise. So check in with your breath, adjust it to the kind of work you’re asking your body to complete and watch the benefits appear in no time. Your diaphragm balloons outward when you inhale and contracts tightly (alongside the other muscles in your abdominal region) when you exhale. When you learn how to use your diaphragm in sync with the exercises you’re trying to perform, your workout becomes significantly more efficient and effective. [Swirled]

5. What To Eat: Stuffed Mushrooms

You don’t need to have a party to make stuffed mushrooms. The little bites of goodness are such a hearty and tasty treat and we love that they can be made in advance. The recipe is super easy to put together, too. Button mushrooms are filled with a mix of cooked Italian sausage, cream cheese, onions and garlic then topped with shredded asiago cheese and baked until hot and bubbly. [Food 52]

6. Dream Destination: San Francisco

San Francisco is a treasure trove of hidden gems from the gorgeous Golden Gate Bridge to the oldest Chinatown in the US. But, take a closer look and you’ll find Seward Mini Park, home to secret slides that will give you a heart-pounding thrill as you take on San Fran’s famously steep hills. Tap through to see a video of the action.  [ABC/Localish]

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