Savvy Saver 4/10/19: Cheapest Day To Buy Wine

cheapest day to buy wine

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Budget Tip of the Week: Buy wine on Tuesdays.

You can save an average of 4 percent on wine when you buy it on Tuesdays. According to cash-back app Ibotta, a lot of people shop for groceries on weekends, so prices can be marked higher. Ibotta’s research shows that wine, as well as many other items, costs less on weekdays, so hit up the store after work instead. [The Daily Meal]

Definition of the Week: Cash Back

A rewards system connected to a credit or debit card that gives you a certain percentage of your purchase back into an account for future use. Cash back credit cards can really help you maximize your spending and saving, especially on certain categories like groceries and travel. So if you learn how to game the system, you could really earn a pretty penny for spending your own. [Swirled]

Digit of the Week: 22%

The amount of monthly income that Americans tend to spend treating themselves or buying non-essential items. Whether it’s wine, pedicures or face masks, self-care is estimated to be $9.9 billion industry. [Swirled]


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