Why Celery Is The Superfood Every Woman Needs In Her Diet

celery UTI cure


Urinary tract infections are truly the bane of every woman’s existence. They are painful and uncomfortable, and the cures we’ve come to rely on (like cranberries and antibiotics) are proving less and less effective as we evolve. But luckily, there’s a surprising veggie hiding in the produce aisle that can provide some substantial relief when other remedies fall flat.

We’re talking about celery.

That’s right — those water-rich stalks that taste slightly bitter until they’re slathered in nut butter do all the right things for your digestive system and bladder. There are two forms in which you should consume celery to reap the biggest UTI-fighting benefits: juice and seeds.

The flavor profile of celery juice can be a tough one for a lot of people, but if you can get used to it (and maybe even come to enjoy it), your body will thank you. Celery naturally stimulates the production of urine, which means that a cup of celery juice can help to flush out the urinary tract more frequently and keep it void of unwanted bacteria. The veggie also helps to reduce the body’s production of uric acid. High uric acid levels up your risk of developing a UTI, so keeping them on the lower end is definitely ideal.

celery UTI cure


If the juice just isn’t for you, try munching on some celery seeds instead. The flavor is strong, but they’re easier to eat. And because you get the full seed rather than just the juice, you enjoy the diuretic benefits of more celery oil without having to consume as much. Just a handful or two a day can help to continuously cleanse your urinary tract.

So there ya go. No matter which way you prefer to include celery in your diet, your body is going to fare better than it does without it. We certainly didn’t think of celery as a superfood before, but we do now. Time to head to the juice bar!


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