This Castle Gatehouse Airbnb Is The Closest You’ll Ever Get To Being A Princess


Ah, the royal life. While we all gaze at the British princes and princesses from afar, you could actually be hanging out in a Scottish castle. Or rather, you could be staying in your own little section of the castle — this gatehouse Airbnb.

Okay, so you’re down the road from the real castle, but you still have your own tower in a historic old building. Maybe it’s a little more “Downton Abbey” than Duchess Kate, but now that Harry’s off the market, it’s probably as close to being a British princess as you’re ever going to get. Even better, it’s only $143 per night.

The Gatehouse is on the Ayton Castle grounds near a village of the same name. There are horses across the road and views of the main house — you even have access to some of the estate’s grounds. Inside, you’ll find a spiral stone staircase leading to the bedroom (the Airbnb sleeps two). And if that’s not enough reason to head to Scotland, you’re also just four miles from the beach.

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Amenities include:

  • Indoor fireplace
  • Private entrance
  • Private garden
  • Free parking
  • Kitchen

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Here’s how you can make this dream vacation a reality:

If you fly into Edinburgh, you’re just about an hour away from Ayton. There are also trains from Edinburgh to Berwick-upon-Tweed, and from there, you could take a regional bus to Ayton. Then, you’ll be only a few steps away from the gatehouse, according to the posting.

So friends, when are we going?