5 Amazing Candy Subscription Boxes Every Sweet Tooth Needs


Sure, you have your favorite candy, but there may just be something better out there. Enter candy subscription boxes, which send you all sorts of new candy each month. Sweet tooths unite! Here are the best sugary subscription boxes out there:

1. Candy Club — $21.99 to $29.99 a month

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If you’re obsessed with fruity candies like jelly beans and Sour Patch Kids, you should try Candy Club. Each month, you’ll receive three different fruity candies based on a quiz you take when you sign up. Starting at $21.99, you can choose a monthly plan, a six-month plan or a 12-month plan.

2. Treatsie — $19.95 a month

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Treatsie is the one-stop subscription box for fancy artisan sweets you’ve been dying to try, but never have wanted to shell out for. From craft caramels to handmade chocolate bars from Spain, you can try it all starting at $19.95.

3. Insta-Candy — $19 a month

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Insta-Candy’s mission is simply to make you happy, according to its website. A one-month subscription gets you eight full-size packs of sweet and sour candies for you to enjoy. For just $19 a month, you can have your little monthly dose of happiness.

4. Bocandy — $8.50 a month

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Looking for a deal and you have an international palate? Bocandy offers candies from other countries in a monthly box for just $8.50 a month. From Japanese Kit-Kats to French caramels, you’ll taste the world without leaving your house, and that is a cause for celebration.

5. Standard Cocoa — $34.95 a month

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Okay, it might be a little pricier, but chocolate lovers will definitely appreciate a monthly Standard Cocoa box. The box includes three full-size craft chocolate bars made from small-batch chocolate makers.