Dreaming Of Living In Italy? This Town Will Pay You To Move There


Unsure of how to fund your dream of living in Italy? This town is ready to shell out to get you to move there.

Medieval Candela is paying people to relocate to the southern Italian town. It’s a picturesque postcard of an Italian village, with tiny alleyways and rustic homes – ready to welcome new tenants.

You’ll get paid based on how many people you’re bringing to the town. Just you? €800 ($950). You and your partner would get $1,415 , while anyone bringing kids will receive $1,765 to $2,350. It’s also possible you’ll get tax credits for your utility bills.

Sounds like the deal of a lifetime, right? In order to seize the offer, you have to become a resident in Candela and rent a house. You also have to be employed – at least a yearly salary of $8,839. It’s pretty much the freelancer’s dream!

So why is the town so eager to get some new blood? Well, Candela’s population has dwindled from a charming 8,000 at its prime to a meager 2,700 today.

There’s a festival of flowers each year in Candela, and a culinary tour of the town center (with local food and wine) every summer. Apparently, the town also boasts the smallest alleyway in all of Italy.

The town mayor told CNN that there hasn’t been a single crime in Candela for 20 years. The place is idyllic. Given the urban bustle of the U.S., we understand the draw. We get it if you want to put in an application to live like a real Italian.

It’s not the first time that an Italian town has offered a cash prize to lure in new residents. Earlier this year, the mayor of Bormida beckoned millennials with a monthly stipend to head to northern Italy. We’re not sure if that deal is still on the table, but either way, we’re so ready to take advantage of the trend. Keep ’em coming, Italia!

[h/t CNN]