The Secrets To Camping On Any Budget, From Tents To Glamping

camping on a budget

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When you opt for a night camping among evergreens over a ritzy hotel vacation you might expect costs to be slashed in half. Unfortunately, even a rustic alternative can rack up. Before you hit the highway with your sleeping bag in tow, check these camping options that can suit any budget.

The Regular Camper: $20 and up

camping on a budget

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If you’re well seasoned in setting up a tent and already have your gear stocked a camping trip could cost as little as some gas and a camp spot. A spot can cost from $5 to $50, so do your research ahead of time. For the most cost-effective option try your local state park, that’ll be more affordable than checking out the backcountry of Glacier National Park.

No-Frills, No Gear and No Budget: $50 and up

camping on a budget

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For those that never shelled out funds for a sleeping bag or high-tech tent, you have a couple options: beg, borrow or rent.

Beg your fire-pit friendly pals for a tent and maybe they’d even want to join the trip. If you’re a city-dweller you can easily rent equipment from a national outfitters like REI or Gear to Go in New York City. If you’re ready to rough it, skip out on the sleeping bag and pack some blankets and a mattress pad. Occasional campers, you don’t need to invest money in gear that might collect dust in the garage.

You’ll still need to shell out for a campsite and transportation, but you’ll be in better shape than trying to buy everything for occasional camping trips.

Willing to Pay For Some Comforts: $75 and up

camping on a budget

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Campsites with access to real bathrooms are more expensive for obvious reasons. But if you’re not eager to squat or go in the woods, it might be worth paying a little more. If you have back problems and don’t want to sleep on the ground, you can up your budget to include air mattresses, extra appliances (like a stove, oven or grill), WiFi or potentially an entire camper (which you can find on Airbnb). Vanlife is all the rage, after all.

No-Expense-Spared Glamping: $100 and up

camping on a budget

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If you appreciate the finer things in life and don’t mind shelling out your pennies, check out Airbnb, or Tentrr for some specialty spots worthy of an Instagram. You can search by accommodations, location, and luxury extras. Whether you want a hammock or fireplace, one of these high-end spots is sure to suit you. Camping has never been this cozy (or expensive).


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