04/11/19 Newsletter: Calls Are About To Get Creepier


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Nearly 30 percent of daily calls are spam — and scammers are getting bolder every day. Spoofing, AKA robo-calling, is an increasingly common practice. Even creepier? Companies like Google are testing technology that mimics a real voice but is completely computer-generated, making the distinction between automated and real calls blurry. What’s more, scammers know that you’re more likely to pick up a call if the number is familiar to you, which is why those area codes are matching your own all of a sudden. So as tempting as it is to answer a call right away, wait. Answering a robocall lets scammers know that your number is in use, exposing you to even more issues. If the call is someone you know, they’ll leave a message or send you a text. [CNN]

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Life Hack Of The Day: Wrinkle Edition

Instead of lugging out the ironing board for a quick wrinkle fix, use your hair straightener. The two sides smooth the clothes at the same time, cutting your ironing time in half. But, if you do try this method, remember a couple things. First, make sure the straightener is free of any hair product (hello, unwanted stains), and then match the temperature setting to the fabric that you’re ironing. For instance, use an ultra-low temperature for silks, but go hotter for cotton shirts or sweaters. And just like a regular iron, keep it moving!


Celery is your body’s natural BFF when it comes to fending off urinary tract infections. Its pale green stalks with the pretty leaves are not only full of hydrating water, but also stimulate your urine production and help reduce your body’s production of uric acid. In fact, it only takes about a cup of celery juice to help flush out a UTI and keep unwanted bacteria at bay. If you can’t handle an entire cup of celery juice in one go, try munching on some celery seeds instead. You’ll enjoy the diuretic benefits of more celery oil without having to consume so much. Just a handful or two a day can help cleanse your urinary tract consistently. [Swirled]

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Food + Drink

Monday is Tax Day, and restaurants across the country are giving you something to look forward to — regardless of whether you’re expecting a refund or owe some money. Visit Corner Bakery Café and receive two entrees for $10.40 (yup, like the form) from April 15 to April 17. More in the mood for chocolate? Head to Great American Cookies for a complimentary Original Chocolate Chip Cookie — no purchase necessary. Sweet, indeed! [Food & Wine]

Recipe Of The Day: Deliciously savory spanakopita scones studded with feta, spinach, lemon zest and dill are going to be a showstopper at your next brunch. Plus, scones are super easy to put together. (The secret is to not cut the butter too small or overwork the dough.) Blend a standard mixture of dry ingredients together, cut in some cubed butter until it’s the size of blueberries and add in all the yummies. Shape the scones, coat them in an egg wash and add a sprinkle of salt and black pepper before baking.  Νόστιμο (the Greek term for delicious). [Food 52]


Five words: Private plunge pool. Oceanview terrace. Those are just some of the perks at Hotel Mousai, an adults-only resort situated on Banderas Bay a mere 40 minutes from Puerta Vallarta airport. This deal starts at $269 a night per person with all-inclusive options. Learn more and plan your dream vacay today!  [TravelZoo]

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