This Reader-Friendly Hostel In Japan Is Basically One Big Book Nook


Bookworms, we’ve located paradise. It’s this hostel chain in Japan where you bunk down inside a bookshelf.

Book and Bed Tokyo is a hostel company clearly created by book lovers. The goal of the place is to read until you fall asleep right among the books, AKA heaven to book nerds like us.

Need more convincing to book your stay? (Get it? “Book”?) Just look at this place and tell us it’s not the dream hostel.

Books are everywhere.

Floor to ceiling shelves, and even on the ceiling.

It’s a no-frills bed.

But who needs feather pillows when you’ll be reading all night anyway?

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So yeah, there is free WiFi.

But once you post that #bookworm Insta, get offline and into a book.

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The books are for borrowing, not for sale.

That way no one buys up all the good stuff and leaves the bad behind.

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There are four locations.

The Book and Beds are in ‎Ikebukuro, ‎Fukuoka, ‎Asakusa and ‎Kyoto.

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You can stay the night or come for the day.

The nightly cost is $43; the day rate is $13.

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What are you waiting for? Add this spot to your reading list and bucket list already.