PSA: That Beautiful Blue Matcha Isn’t Matcha At All


You know that blue matcha you’ve been seeing in your Insta feed? Well, it’s actually not matcha at all, but it’s still pretty damn cool.

Unlike green matcha, which is recognized as a natural caffeine source with a boatload of health benefits, blue “matcha” is actually just butterfly pea powder mixed into a latte, juice, smoothie, tea or anything in between.

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Aside from the cool factor, a study on the butterfly pea plant showed that the ground-up leaves can enhance memory and brain power. There hasn’t been extensive research on the subject, but the Southeast Asian plant has been said to help with hair growth and eyesight, along with providing additional anti-inflammatory and stress-relief benefits.

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Blue foods have recently been all the rage as we most recently saw with color-changing tea. We have to admit, it’s a bit weird, but regardless it’s pretty to look at.