True Relaxation Is The Blue Lagoon All To Yourself — And This Hotel Has The Hook-Up


The Blue Lagoon is getting crowded. And it makes sense. The gorgeous, Icelandic spa is only 15 minutes from Reykjavík International Airport and, with the rise in stopover trips between the United States and Europe, more people are choosing to enjoy layover visits to Iceland. The Blue Lagoon seems like an obvious stop.

But the Retreat at the Blue Lagoon is tailor-made for the traveler who wants to get away from the masses (and is willing to pay for that privilege). The new hotel will open in April with 62 suites far enough away from the public part of the lagoon that you can’t hear the chorus of oohs and ahhs as tourists snap selfies.

The hotel will have four parts. There’s a private swimming hole, an underground spa — with a steam room heated by lava rocks — and sauna, a library, and a lounge and restaurant. Bonus: The restaurant serves a seven-course meal of local cuisine.

The lagoon is powered by geothermal energy. The building itself is carved into an 800-year-old lava flow, so the spa and sauna can tap into the mineral-rich and naturally warm water to create a uniquely serene experience.

A suite at the Retreat at the Blue Lagoon includes breakfast, Icelandic coffee, special skin care products, guided hikes and yoga classes, WiFi and private access to the lagoon all for the luxurious price of $1,400 per night.

The dream. What we wouldn’t give for a glimpse of that view all to ourselves…