You Can Swap Shopping For Hiking This Black Friday

black friday hiking

Unsplash/Larisa Birta

This year, you can skip Black Friday shopping and aim for an outdoor adventure instead. Who wants to be in a shopping mall when you can be soaking up some time outside instead? Black Friday hiking is the way to go. Now, we have a couple theories as to why this is the best way to use your Black Friday 2018. Here’s our thinking.

There’s likely a trail near you that you haven’t hit yet.

black friday hiking

Unsplash/Holly Mandarich

For the fourth year in a row, REI Co-op is encouraging folks to opt outside on the day after Thanksgiving instead of hitting the mall. They’re keeping their stores closed on the big shopping day and, instead, REI is offering an online tool for hikers eager to find a nearby hiking trail. You can sort by type of path, difficulty and location to find the right trek for you.

You’re probably still feeling full from the Thanksgiving feast.

black friday hiking

Unsplash/Kara Eads

Did you stuff yourself to the brim at dinner on Turkey Day? Then it’s time to get active and stretch those legs after a long day of eating. Plus, you need to work up a new appetite to nosh on some of those turkey leftovers (turkey cranberry sammie, anyone?).

Cyber Monday has some of the best deals anyway.

black friday hiking

Unsplash/Shauna Jiang

In our ever-more-digital world, we all know some of the best sales aren’t found in the stores anymore. Cyber Monday deals can be even more epic bargains than the ones at the mall on Black Friday. So you might as well skip the stressful shopping in person and get it done online — after you take a nice long hike, that is.


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