This Enormous Gyoza Is The Size Of 100 Dumplings And We’re So Into It


Dumpling fans, this is a challenge you’ll want to conquer. At Kagurazaka Hanten in Tokyo, Japan, there’s a food challenge that involves a massive gyoza the size of 100 dumplings. The gyoza weighs over five and a half pounds. It’s stuffed with minced pork and veggies, and it costs around $85. That is, unless, you can eat it within an hour, in which case it’s free!

You need to order the giant dumpling two days in advance, so this dim sum endeavor is no joke. You need a knife and fork for this baby. If you win the challenge, you’ll get your picture up on the wall of fame.

Even if you think you can handle over five pounds of pork and chive, don’t forget about the thick golden brown gyoza skin that you’ll need to tackle.

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Kagurazaka Hanten might be the perfect spot to go when you have the munchies, or you’re looking to stuff yourself with enough dumpling to last all year. We just want to know how big the bowl of soy sauce is. When in Tokyo!

[h/t Insider]