Big Sur Is Glowing, Thanks To Tiny Bioluminescent Phytoplankton


It’s already one of the best drives in the country (or world!), but now, the views of Big Sur are even more spectacular — thanks to some weird weather patterns and tiny sea creatures’ bioluminescence.

The magical phenomenon can be seen near Monterey Bay.

And all along Big Sur.

The spectacle is called a dinoflagellate bloom.

It’s an abnormally high concentration of tiny sea creatures that emit light.

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The beautiful glowing is from phytoplankton.

Local experts say it might be species such as Noctiluca, Lingulodinium or Protoperidinium.

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The Pacific waves have been glowing since January.

However, the glow could disappear any day if the weather gets windy.

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Calm waters make the bright event happen.

When the water is still, the phytoplankton group together and give off more light.

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So if you’re in Cali, it could be time for a midnight road trip!