These Are The 20 Best Weekend Getaways For Millennials


Listen up, twenty-somethings. WeekenGO, a travel deal service specifically created for weekend getaways, set out to determine the best spots for millennials. It measured different factors in 1,000 cities around the globe, averaging scores for nightlife (concerts, bars, clubs, etc.), LGBT-friendliness, safety for women, green spaces, walkability, transportation and accommodation. So, whether you’re eager to stay continental or hop over to Europe, here are the top 20 winners.

1. Berlin, Germany

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2. London, England

3. Amsterdam, Netherlands

4. Vienna, Austria

5. Paris, France

6. Toronto, Canada

7. Zurich, Switzerland

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8. Dublin, Ireland

9. Munich, Germany

10. Edinburgh, Scotland

11. Barcelona, Spain

12. New York City, New York, USA

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13. Madrid, Spain

14. Hamburg, Germany

15. Manchester, England

16. Stockholm, Sweden

17. Vancouver, Canada

18. San Francisco, California

19. Copenhagen, Denmark

20. Sydney, Australia

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