Here Are The Most Underrated U.K. Destinations

best uk destinations


We’re not gonna lie, London is a must-see at least once in your lifetime. But you’ll miss a lot of awesome experiences if you spend all your time in London when traveling to the U.K. Branching out to some underrated destinations may do you more good than just sticking with the traditional go to spots. Here are locations you should definitely add to your trip:

1. Pluckley, England

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With a population of just over 1,000, you wouldn’t think a small town like Pluckley would have much going on. Prepare to be surprised, because it once held the title for the most haunted village in the U.K., and it still receives a lot of recognition for its supernatural atmosphere. Don’t worry if you’re not a spirit seeker — you can still marvel at the ivy-covered castles and quaint village life.

2. Cardiff, Wales

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Cardiff is more of a city than a town with 341,000 residents. What makes Cardiff special is that it’s not a breeding ground for tourists yet there are great attractions and fun things to do. The Wales Millennium Centre, for example, is one of the top-performing arts destinations in all of the U.K. Then, you can have your quiet moments by the age-old castles and the gorgeous waterfront.

3. Belfast, Ireland

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Looking for a true city experience without tourist insanity? Belfast is your spot. It’s a more underrated capital city than Dublin, Ireland and it won’t disappoint. It has beautiful botanic gardens and cobblestone streets. Check out the Metropolitan Arts Centre or walk through the number of city squares.

4. Chester, England

History buffs, this is your ultimate getaway. Chester is over 2,000 years old and it has preserved its cathedrals and buildings as much as possible. Walk by the River Dee or check out the number of independent galleries and small shops. This spot is quaint, relaxing and rich in culture. What more could you want from a relaxing U.K. trip?

5. Stirling, Scotland

Stirling was tailor-made for nature lovers. Experience the rolling fields of flowers with and views the Stirling Castle, which has a history that dates back to the Wars of Independence. After your sightseeing, you can go on the ultimate whisky tasting tour through the town.