Here’s What Your Favorite Cookie Says About You

best types of cookies


Nothing says comfort quite like a warm and gooey cookie. Whether you prefer yours fresh out of the oven at your local bakery, or whipped up homemade (with extra chocolate chips), our favorite sweet treats say a lot about who are. Whatever the cookie or occasion, there’s no denying the healing power of the crunchy, sweet and crumbly snack.

Chocolate Chip

It doesn’t get more classic than a warm chocolate chip cookie. If you’re someone who finds comfort in a chocolate chip cookie, chances are you’re a creature of habit. Chocolate chip devotees know just how they like their cookies, whether it’s crunchy, soft, gooey or loaded with extra chips. There’s nothing a homemade chocolate chip cookie can’t fix.


Whether it’s the homemade version or the Girl Scout kind, shortbread cookies are usually popular with the minimalists. You’re a no-fuss kind of person and less means more. A solid buttery shortbread cookie with a hot cup of tea can really do the trick.


best types of cookies


Some people like gingersnaps around the holidays and some like them all year round. The gingersnap fans are usually the spunky ones. Gingersnaps usually have molasses and spices like powdered ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg. You like a little spicy with your sweet and you’re not afraid of a surprise.

Black And White Cookie

A quality black and white cookie has the power to put anyone in a good mood. If you tend to be indecisive, a black and white cookie offers both chocolate and vanilla icing – so you’re not forced to flip a coin.

Fortune Cookie

The curious and superstitious ones among us love fortune cookies. Of course, you like all cookies, but you’re mostly interested in what’s on the inside. The cookie itself might not be something to write home about, but with your fortune inside it’s the ultimate snack for the curious person. Who knows, it might just determine your fate.


best types of cookies


Lovers of French macarons are usually patient ones. French-style macarons are always on the delicate side with some kind fancy design, which means you probably enjoy taking your time with them. It takes someone with a lot of patience to eat a cookie slowly and savor every bite. Since French macarons are often on the pricey side, chances are you’ll savor this treat, whether it’s a dreamy raspberry or the classic pistachio flavor.

Rainbow Cookie

Rainbow cookies aren’t for the plain Janes. There’s a lot going on in a rainbow cookie, so you’re probably the indulgent type if these are your favorite. You have the chocolate outer layer, the jelly in between and the rainbow-colored buttery almond cake. It’s all pretty indulgent. Since these cookies can be on the labor-intensive side, you’ll want to head over to an Italian bakery or a grocery store with a top-notch bakery section to find them.


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