6 Websites You Need To Bookmark For The Best Travel Deals


If you’re lucky, you can travel at least once a year. Whether it’s an international trek or just a domestic trip, you need a good deal, right? Scratch that — you deserve a good deal. These six websites can help you get just that, plus more.

1. Google Flights

This one should come as no surprise, since Google is the OG internet superpower. What you may not know, though, is that Google has an incredible travel resource called Google Flights. If you’re looking for the cheapest possible airfare, this website is where you’ll find it. It allows you to enter your departing and destination cities, and look on a calendar feature to view the lowest rates for specific days.

Once you choose your travel dates, the tool will populate with the most competitive deals from different carriers. It basically aggregates the best prices from across the web. You can choose the time of your flights right on the page, then Google Flights will send you to the selected airline’s website to review details and pay for your flight. Essentially, no more multiple-tabs-on-your-computer-comparing-deals-with-different-airlines stuff. Google Flights does all the hard work for you.

2. Travelzoo

Looking for an all-in-one website that can help you get the best deals in airfare, hotels and even cruises? Travelzoo to the rescue! According to the website, over 28 million users have found deals so far, which is a pretty incredible number.

What makes Travelzoo so great is that it’s set up sort of like Groupon — choose your preferred experience, and Travelzoo will lay out all the options. Want an all-inclusive cruise? How about just a guide to New York City if you’re planning a day trip? This site has your back.

3. Airfarewatchdog

Feeling adventurous? If you’re looking for a last-minute flight somewhere, Airfarewatchdog is for you. The company tracks flash deals on flights leaving within just a few weeks of your search, and it even shows discounted prices on hotels.

The best part: the website keeps you in the loop by allowing you to opt into special deal emails. You’ll be the first to know if the price of that flight to Amsterdam plummeted to under $300.

4. Airbnb

Are you honestly shocked? Airbnb has been saving us all from horribly overpriced hotel rates since it launched in 2008. Now, millions of hosts offer up their houses, cabins, apartments and other properties to rent year-round for a price typically lower than a hotel’s.

You can search by destination, of course, and its map function allows you to compare prices and properties within a city, or even within a block. Depending on the host, you can stay for just one night or extend through the month if your vacation is more like a real lifestyle change.

5. Hostelworld

Sometimes, it’s less about the accommodation and more about the experience of being in a different city or country. Hostelworld gets that mentality, and it’s the best resource for those who just need a cheap place to crash.

You can choose from a range of hostels — do you need your own bedroom or do you prefer keeping the cost low while sleeping in a 12-bunk room? Choose your location on the site, then find a hostel that suits your needs. Hostelworld aggregates every hostel in the area and will even alert you when prices drop on a hostel you’ve had your eye on.

6. TripAdvisor

Like other sites on this list, TripAdvisor also lets you find deals on flights, cars and lodging, but it really comes in handy when you’re looking for things to do on your vacation that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. You can find bargains on sightseeing tickets, passes and excursions. The site also lets you search for deals for specific attractions that fit your interests with filters like Nature and Parks, Sights and Landmarks, Museums and Water Sports. We like that you can look up a city’s top attractions based on reviews from other travelers.